When We Can’t Worship

There are times when worshipping God is difficult. Pain, disappointment, failure, unanswered prayer; it all can affect our worship and view of God. You might feel like God isn’t so good after all, like He’s forgotten you, or maybe doesn’t love you as much as you thought He did. Our ability to worship freely can be inhibited by a damaged belief about God. Whatever your situation, I can relate.  Continue reading “When We Can’t Worship”


When You Step Out of God’s Love


My Twitter is exploding. My Facebook is blowing up. So many shares, witty remarks, and thought provoking articles it sends my head spinning. I can’t keep up. I’m drowning in the news, the think pieces, the opinion columns, the fast pace churn-it-out-before-the-idea-goes-cold-and-we-move-on-to-the-next-thing articles. I’m gasping for air, surrounded by words that seem better than mine, more talented than mine. And instead of letting it all wash over me, I’ve let it crush me under its tidal wave of Times New Roman and Helvetica. In the midst of this pounding tide, I’ve been swept out to sea, and I’ve lost sight of the Heavenly Shore.  Continue reading “When You Step Out of God’s Love”

Renewed Vision

At some point over the last year, I fell prey to the comforts of provision, something that is rather tempting to a writer. Unfortunately, writing takes time, and doesn’t make you much money. When you’ve used to living on scraps and pulling together loose change from the couch cushions, a constant income is welcomed. The thing is, while I was prosperous and “making it” as a writer, I found my creative outlets suffering, like my personal projects, aka this blog, and my real writing passions wither. Continue reading “Renewed Vision”

A New Day

With the polls still coming in and my hopes being dashed I went to bed, knowing I would wake up to tragedy. And I did, at 4 am. I cried, my eyes blurring as the image of Donald Trump smeared across the screen. My heart sunk. I read article after article, trying to wrap my … Continue reading A New Day

Am I Being Too Critical + The Dreaded Church Shopping

Church shopping. I’m currently in the throws of it and desperately think we need a new term. If there’s one out there that’s less consumer driven, please let me know.  While I have a number of things that factor into whether or not I’ll come back to a particular church during the search, it really only comes down to one thing. Continue reading “Am I Being Too Critical + The Dreaded Church Shopping”

Get Heated, We’re Talking Politics


In the United States, we are blessed with the responsibility to vote and make this country better. But sometimes, as Christians, we confuse our religious agenda with what’s actually best for the USA. During an election, our political party can overshadow our identity as children of God, whether we lean to the left or to the right. Hot topics like gun control, abortion, gay marriage, rights for minorities and women, rape, the death penalty, and religious freedom stir the pot quicker than any other topic. If you want to ruin a party, bring up politics. So I guess I’m going to ruin this party.

Continue reading “Get Heated, We’re Talking Politics”

An Update

Moving complete. Wedding over. Honeymoon finished. Blogger absence finito. Leaving things hanging here at Spirited Life was a conscious decision. Life was moving so fast and I needed to take time to soak it all up, get in those last memories and time with friends before everything changed forever. Continue reading “An Update”